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I took Wednesday off from school.On Wednesday, I drove to Mr. Sawyers’ office. He got to the point, that’s what I like about him.“Michael, The C...ty of Detroit, Wayne County, and the DPD have made an out of court settlement offer. I am required, by law, to inform you of it and to ask your decision concerning it.”“How much is it this time?” I asked.“It’s considerably better. All of the noise in the press and the bad publicity has made the city realize they have a losing hand. The offer is 5. I watched excitedly as they continued to flirt, his eyes unable to resist dipping to take in her exposed cleavage as they spoke. Then getting the barman’s attention she ordered a round of shots, passed one to her admirer, and then swung around with a glass in each hand and with her braless cleavage distinctly noticeable. Now really getting into the swing of things, she winked before seductively looking down to see how much was showing. Seeing how much cleavage was visible, she simply pursed her. Each thrust. Every withdrawal. He never slows. He never relents. He never pauses. On and on. Pounding away at you. Taking you. Fucking you. Using you. Or are you using him? Your bodies are barely touching, only connecting when his balls slap against you. You're screaming now. He's grunting. Sweat pours from both of you. He rears his head back and I almost expect a guttural, primal scream. I'm ready to explode. He does it instead. He slams into you one more time. The muscles in his back and. "Ring-ring!" Drake heard, as his phone was ringing. He looked at his screen, and it was no other than the Chairmen himself, Mr. Mcmahon. "Hello?" Drake said."Hello Drake! You know who I am, and I know who you are. You have done some pretty outstanding moves in NXT and FCA, and I think it's time for you to finally spread your wings and get in a match live, tonight on Raw!" Mr. Mcmahon said."It's about time. Who's my opponent?" Drake said."Your opponent is Yoshi Tatsu. If you win tonight, you.

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