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I went to the nearest costume store and picked out the slutiest maids costume I could find. I picked out a costume for Kyle even though I knew he mig...t not be going to the party with me it was the one from the Scream movie with a scary mask.I had taken a shower and was almost ready to go when Kyle called me from work. "Hon I'm going to be a little late," he explained apologetically. I was a little pissed because this had happened so many times in the past. At the last minute he would back. ”“Actually, it’s not, now that I think about it. It is where we are. When you made me leave last Friday, I assumed it was over and that kind of reset everything in my mind. So we ARE sitting in your living room eating ice cream, both literally and figuratively.”“Did I blow it?”I chuckled, “No. I think I’d remember if you had!”Nancy laughed, “See, that sense of humor IS in there.”“And the serious answer is you certainly created big problems. Whether or not they’re insurmountable, I don’t. I...” Wilton Parmenter gasped as the icy coldness snapped him awake.“Easy sir,” O’Rourke said as he and Agarn helped the now soaked Captain to his feet.“Where’s Jane?” He asked when he noticed that her horse was gone.“She shot out of here madder than a bear in a hornet’s nest.” Agarn said as he slapped his now wet headpiece against his trousers. “That must’ve been some dilly of an argument the two of you had.”“Agarn!” The Sergeant snapped in reproach.The Corporal quickly shut up. It wasn’t. The current Lady Zetland had cost him a significantly large dowry but she had proved to be a fine bargain in the short time since their wedding. Small and delicate, she never-the-less had a beauty that surpassed all other women in the north of England. Good at organising a household, she'd proved to be healthily wanton in bed and, in the year hat they had been wed, she'd already born him a fine son - something that neither of her predecessors had managed over many years of wedlock before they.

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