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The Spirit cursed his beauty, cursed his fate. He hated Venus all the more at that moment, for he was certain she would find him even more beautiful i... death. Seething, his gaze scanned both sides of the river. New plans brought him to his feet.The sky, the mountains, the land, all seemed so darkly ethereal. Fitting for his entrapment between both worlds. He would not see clearly, or move freely, until he was firmly planted in one or the other. She had yet to let him go, and it held him. That was it! I was pissed and googled the address. To my shock it came back in the Bouldercrest area. That can’t be it but I had to know. The whole time driving there my mind wandered and I was betting myself that she would not be there, this was a waste of time. She was probably in some swanky hotel with some guy fucking his brains out. I pulled onto the road and found run down vacant houses on both sides, only a few with for sale signs. Some were occupied as kids were playing in the. I could see Zoe’s pussy stretching to mom’s dildo, but her vocal responses sounded very pleasurable.Mom had been fucking her for several minutes, when she looked over at me, “get on the bed beside your sister, and you slut, suck his cock”I took the position mom had directed me to, and Zoe opened her mouth to take my cock. I was already erect from watching them fuck, but the feeling of being inside her mouth, seemed to get me even harder than I could imagine.“Now make him cum and make sure you. The reward for his arrest and capture was well over a million dollars, and was climbing every week.Law enforcement agencies were baffled by how he was able to move around so freely. One day he would be in Los Angeles. Two days later, he would be in Miami. He met with community groups, farm organizations, literary circles, and conservative action groups. Each time, he'd tell the story of a government gone mad with power. His story would be backed up with videos of corrupt political appointees,.

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