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”“It was more important for you to be here for Wendy in case she went into labour early. As it turned out, I was home in time to the birth of your...twins and soon we’ll be having our pair.”“I don’t know what I’ve done right to have the love of three incredibly beautiful and smart women.”“You do everything right for us and should receive a gold medal for putting up with us all.”“Have you thought of who’ll be your first fuck of the New Year?” Karen asked joining them.“It’ll be hard to choose,” he. Having been appraised of the situation and gathering up as much information on Alexei and the hostages as he could the negotiator had rung the landline from the field telephone, trying to establish contact. ‘He’s not answering. We need to leave it a while, so as not to cause him any stress that might tip him over the edge.’ Putting down the field handset, and turning towards the tall man in charge, crouched next to him. ‘How long?’ ‘Give it ten, fifteen minutes and then I’ll try again. I need. Sometimes I can be a complete whore for him. It also gets me the odd extra fuck, which I certainly don’t mind,” Laura said, putting her arm around me too. She could see my hand was rubbing his cock and surprised me by pulling out the waistband of his suit, and we both put our hand inside to feel his cock.”“Mmm you’re getting Dan nice and hard again,” she whispered.”“I know, I already need him to fuck me again,” I replied to her ear.”“You’ll have to wait a while for Dan to fuck you again, honey.. My cock is so hard that I can't help beating it hard and fast. I was originally the only one in the office but I heard my secretary come in and sit at her desk. I was so horny that I did not bring any tissue to cum into and I was ready to explode. I jacked off even faster so I wouldn't get caught and came in my hand. It felt so good as I heard my wife cum again and I could hear my secretary coming down the hall way. I quickly zipped my pants back up but didn't have anything to wipe the cum off.

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