My undershirt had been damaged in the struggle to exit the aircraft. The arms of my shirt were ripped off and the buttons were shot. My muscled torso ...as exposed as I waded through the surf and onto the beach. The sun was high. It was a hot August day. I reached into my trouser pocket and fished out a damaged pair of sunglasses. I jimmied them back into shape and put them on. Then I decided to find out where the hell I was. Up off the beach a couple of hundred yards ahead of me I saw a road. “What happened Trish? Did dad hit you?” Trish, feeling humiliated, not wanting Samone to know she had licked blood from her sister’s pussy, said “yes. He is a mean dad. He scares me”. Samone felt the same way.The next night the dad came home a little drunk, but not as drunk as the night before. He knew what he was going to do. He went to the girls room and the girls were hugging each other again in fear of what the father was going to do. Again he grabbed the bedding and pulled it from the bed.. We ate some lunch, then packed up our camping gear onto the mules. I'm sure they were happier with their lighter load.We ended up getting a room at the Green Dragon Tavern. This tavern had been around since the 1600s and had been a meeting place for the "Sons of Liberty" according to the proprietor. He only had one room open, but he said the bed was big and that all three of us could sleep in it with no problem.The bed was a double if anything. I knew we were going to be a little crowded, but I. ." Oh, don't worry," she interrupted. "A sperm can only survive so long in the air. Well... Nothing is totally safe, is it? You might be a daddy even before you've... You know?" she giggled happily."I don't believe you!" I blurted."Oh no? What about this then?"Slowly she hoisted her skirt up till I could clearly see the bottom of her panties. I sank down on my knees on the soft ground and closely inspected the panties, well, to be honest, I looked more at what that was faintly visible through.

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