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I told him again that I didn’t think the girls would come to the office, yet we quickly closed things down after the first show was over and waited....e didn’t wait long when we heard a knock at the door and the two twin girls were there. I let them in and locked the door. They walked over to the other guy and said they were there to repay us and one of the twins started kissing the other guy while the other twin started rubbing my soft cock. It didn’t take long for the girl kissing the guy to. At that moment, I heard that she was unlocked, she was executed like a k**, she pulled out her hand from the pegs and somehow got caught waiting for it. He said "Good evening," I answered the same, and he went into the room. I heard that he went to bathe, the alcohol hit me in the head and did not give peace, I had to see again, this time the door was closed, I opened it slowly and saw that his whale was up. In a second I went around and said, "Life goes on," she got off and walked in, he saw. You will obey me wont you Mira, she said; I don’t know what do you mean? I mean, you will do as I say, no questions asked, get on your knees, now! She obeyed and as I pulled my pants down she was looking up in my eyes like a little girl, this was bliss, total domination! Slowly start sucking, I want you to fall in love with my cock, I want you to take me like a porn star! She started slowly, all hesitant, I said no, no, let me show you, and grabbed her by the head and forcefully put my cock in. What was really in her mind, whatshe really wanted to ask was, ' are you two fucking each other?'I looked across to Lena who nodded almost imperceptibly.I said, "Well, I suppose it's about time you knew. Yes Lena and I are an item.We more or less live together." Pam and the others exchanged glances, I was sure Sophie, a senior counter clerk, was about to blurt out, 'see, I told you they were lezzies', but thankfully, she remained tight-lipped. We all sat in quiet contemplation of the news I'd.

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