I am being gently spit-roasted by John and Harold. It is fantastic. I don’t know how long this goes on, maybe ten minutes, maybe more. We are in a r...ythm and it feels like we can keep it up forever. The other guys change position to get their photos and occasionally have a little feel of the action, maybe touching my mouth where Harold’s dick is shafting me, or slipping a finger in my hole next to John’s penis. Naughty boys!Finally I feel John withdraw and reposition himself at my anus. His. V was no nonsense very dominant and aggressive he caught on quickly that i wasn't going to buy a Bike and was about to dismiss me when I just spilled it to him.I said "look dude my wife works across the street, she thinks you're hot and wants to meet you how bout coming out for drinks with us after you get off" at first he thought it was a joke but then I pulled out a picture of L in a bikini. That stopped him in his tracks he studied the photo for a moment.L is something to look at 5'4". The trees were full of birds, many I had never seen before. Their songs filled me with joy. Several times I’d turn in my saddle and look back at Opal Anne. She always seemed to be smiling. I stopped, like I had a few times already, and waited for her to ride up next to me.“Paul, is something wrong?”“Yeah, I haven’t seen your face or kissed you in a very long time.”“Paul O’Dell! You have looked back at me every two or three minutes...”“It hasn’t been that often!”“ ... and I gave you a kiss this. Hard as we tried to find a way round it, to get rid of it, or forget about it, it was always there, lurking and ready to pounce. This problem concerned something you desired so much that you couldn’t get it out of your thoughts, no matter how much you tried. And I have no doubts that you tried. You fought it for three months, trying to push it away. Yet it always came back. And I could not help you. You loved bi-sexual woman. You had a yearning for them: it was an obsession. You wanted me so.

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