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"What range do they have?" I queried."How long is a piece of string?" shrugged Jolene, "I've been told by Miss Green that they can be boosted to opera...e over a hundred miles or more but most of the old students seem to be happy with a couple of dozen miles or so, just enough to contact your partner or friends at work or out shopping. This is what Miss Green says anyhow. I've never been outside the school grounds so I don't really know." You're not kept prisoner here are you?" I demanded. Ms. Katherine waited while I got up to pull her chair outbefore she gracefully sat down. She took a long, slow sip of her drink,and then looking at me she said, "So, Gary, tell me the whole story!"With a bit of a sigh I began relating the events leading up to my presentsituation.Ms. Diane and I got married in our early twenties, and we have beenmarried for almost 23 years. Like most couples, sex in the beginning wasfantastic. It was carefree, wildly experimental, and took place at thedrop of. But as she drove home, she decided to feel guilty tomorrow. Tonight she was going to pamper herself…in everyway. It had been weeks since they had made love and the last time was more of them going through the motions without the emotions. The tension between them was always there it seemed these last few weeks. But for now she needed to relieve some stress. As she pulled into the driveway she saw a light flicker in the window. A flash of anger surged through her as she figured he had left. It is a show that provides opening for any kind of fetish you might desire.Disclaimer:The setting is public, anyone can add and I don't moderate. Write what you want, not to meet requirements I demand. That being said –Basic CHYOA rules apply:• ‟Avoid excessive violence.” Erotic material, not guro. [Leave her/him in condition for sex the next day even if exhausted at the end of this session.]• ‟Each chapter should be minimum 100 words in length, or 2-3 paragraphs. This rule is not set in stone,.

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