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Nella gasped, not relishing her choices, but knowing that she had to make a decision one way or the other."Which is to be Nella?" I asked softly, curi...us to see how far she'd go."I suppose..."I edged closer and loosened her sash. She made no attempt to stop me as I opened her gown and reached inside to cup her breast. Closing her eyes, she accepted my caress. In total defiance of her wishes, the nipple puffed up. I transferred my attention to its neighbour and it too responded, jutting proudly. She stood over me and swung it down between my legs with all her strength. The instant this whip hit my clit, I exploded in the most intense orgasm of my life. It combined the ultimate pain with the ultimate pleasure!Before I passed out, I saw your face, looking down at me, smiling and telling me what a good slave girl I was and how much you loved watching me. I remember seeing your rock hard cock, even larger and harder than I had EVER seen it. Your excitement was IMMENSE and IMMEASURABLE.. This was one of the ways Eden differed from her wanton mother, Blaine noted. Eden liked to topride, she wiggled her tight, dripping little pussy upon her father's cock, corkscrewing her way down, down, down, until his prick was buried deep within the recesses of her cunt. She began to roll her hips, ever-so-slightly, feeling the hardness of her lover-father's dick within her at last.There were sensual, naughty little differences between mother and daughter, Blaine thought as he moved upwards,. ..she sucks and licks him clean before she goes..she thanks Jason and tells him I'll see ya later..finally she's coming home to me...Eagerly I wait for her to get home..finally I hear the door open and shut,I'm so excited I can't wait to fuck her used stretched cum filled pussy, she comes into the bedroom I'm laying on the bed,my cock is hard as fuck I'm ready for my turn with her .... she stands in front of me and says ...my panties are soaked with his cum it's still dripping out of me,are.

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