Because she loved everything about that thing the four of us had and the things we did, so much so that every now and then I even felt just a little b...t jealous, and she was the one that got us into some of the crazier stuff, like with ropes and whips and stuff and when we had Lucy's boyfriend tied up in bed and the three of us could do whatever we wanted with him, sometimes she acted like he was hers. But Lucy didn't mind, she was just so happy that we were in love with him too and she loved. I just said that she looked good and that she’s been in a great mood the last few days.Mum and dad were at work for the next few days and Alice and I enjoyed ourselves during the days, only getting dressed when mum and dad came home.It got to the day that Alice and I were going to the cabin. Mum told us that we could take her car and after both parents had left for work Alice took off the long T-shirt that she puts on to come down for breakfast when our parents are at home and finished getting. When Killer slipped in and dove she squeaked and I grinned and helped her out. Charm chirped but jumped and folded her wings as she dove into the water. I let them play and looked at Drew’s naked body. Kensa chuckled and stood, “you would have another mate?”I blushed and Drew stopped drying and looked at me, “I would.”Kensa smiled, “say, Drew Pearson I see you.”I looked at her and then at Drew, “Drew Pearson I see you.”She smirked and rubbed herself, “yes you do.”She looked at Kensa and then at. The girls were made to stand in a line.‘Right out boys quickly stand in a line facing the door and not a word from you!’Needless to say they were shocked to find themselves naked facing ten of their classmates in their games kit and Miss Summers in hers, with eleven pairs of female eyes looking at their cold little private parts they quickly covered them with their hands.Miss Summers barked ‘Tops off NOW girls’Within seconds the boys were looking at twenty pert naked breasts’Mr Robson told the.

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