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I’ve no desire to hurt anyone I care for,” I responded to her look.“Good, though if you do figure it out, come see me and we’ll talk about the...ramifications as well as the who and the what,” she acknowledged.“Yes, my Mage,” I replied formally.“In the meantime, Ketty’s pregnant, so we’ll be visiting soon,” Morgana announced with a smile.“I knew,” I murmured.“You did? You kept that quiet,” Morgana chuckled.“A gift of mine, I’ve learned to keep quiet about it after a few telling’s off by my. It was then I noticed something just a little different.Michelle still had her hair tied with that bright blue ribbon but as my eyes turned back to Lindie, she turned and pointed to hers. It was BLUE too!In all the years, I’d never seen her with anything but a red or yellow ribbon in her hair. Lindie shuffled a little and her dress rode up her a little and not only was she NOT commando, but her panties were blue too. What is going on, I thought to myself.Lindie spied me looking at her crotch. (I proposed and we were in a relationship by then) and a day came when we had gone for a movie called “Bangistan” and the theatre was almost empty and it started all then. I was holding her hand and playing with her fingers and she was looking at me with a sweet romantic smile. I then pulled by her waist close to me and her hand lied on my chest and I kissed her on her forehead and she hugged me completely (there was no one behind us nor in the row). I then started kissing her and then we bent. I again start to stare at her big 34c boobs and this time she said what your look at? I said I am looking at you who else is your and she smiled and why I am looking at her.I said because no one is heard and you look beautiful and it is not the first time I look at you? She said I know that and I went close to her and said I am there for you whatever see need and put my hand on her thighs and pressed it and she closed her eyes while I pressed it.And she enjoyed my touch then I kissed her neck.

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