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Naan bayathu poi ena nadaka pogirathu endru theriyaamal thigaithu poi nindren. Appozhuthu anni ennai kovamaaga paarthu enathu kanathai pidithu ithazhi... mutham koduka aarambithaal.Anni mutham nandraaga irunthathu enathu uthadai kaaramaaga kadithu sappinaal, ennaku antha tharunathil muuchu thinariyathu.Pinbu naanum anni ithazhai nandraaga urinthu sappinen, piragu aval enathu sunniyil kaiyai vaithu thadavi lungiyil irunthu athai veliyil eduthaal. Enathu sunni virithu irunthathu aval kaiyaal. .. Speaking of half-glasses, should I tell auntie what seeing her in half-glasses does for me?"Ray likes my pussy better than KFC! I like that. He does seem older than his years and what is the sense of a young guy having a great aunt if she does not teach teach him anything about life? I bet he would string beads with me, nice glass beads, big white smooth glass beads that could be wrapped around a fat red cock, the ends of said glass beads hooked to a pair of my half-glasses that so turn him. " I won't take it! You can keep it!" She sighed. "You assess the damages. I'll check stores for power supply components. We already know that was pretty much fried."I leaned over the console and sighed. "Things could have been much worse!" I called as I looked over the exposed circuit boards. "The stabilizing circuit took some minor damage, but I think I can repair the in place board without replacing it. The power distribution system is a wreck though. It'll probably take us four to seven days. "You go right on ahead and get that out." Then she leaned in and kisses me. Our first kiss and she is stroking my cock through my Jean's and it felt great. She then pulled her head back and quickly dropped down to her knees and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. And then with one good tug grabbed my boxers and side of my pants and pulled them down. My hard cock flying out pointing straight at her face. "Damn its much bigger in person." She then gripped my cock and looked up at me as she began to.

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