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‘Rach, all marriages go through periods like that. You need to sit down with Frank and let him know how you feel,’ Ellen said, suddenly laughing a... the thought struck her, ‘Naturally, you’ll have to fit this conversation in between doing the wash, making dinner, getting the kid to do their homework and putting them to bed.’ Ellen made an obvious tongue-in-cheek. Rachel laughed at that as well. ‘Yeah, isn’t that the truth. But I really worry about it,’ she continued, ‘I tried to get Frank to. Uma: hmmmmm. I think you are on your plans. You have explanation and answers for everything.She said that and she was on her knees. I lowered my shorts immediately. My dick was pointing towards her neck. I wanted to become completely nude. I removed my shirt also. She took my dick in her hand and started moving it. it was feeling good. She was not taking that in her mouth.I moved immediately from her and went to fridge. Took some chocolate sauce from the bottle in my hand and rubbed it on my. “Yeah. I'll get you home.”“We drove my car here,” she giggled. “If you drove me home, then you'd have to walk.”“Might be worth it.” I leaned in, kissed her on the lips. It was nice having a girlfriend. Especially Pam.“Oh, you two are cute together, Sir,” Aunt Vicky said, popping her head into the kitchen. She had arranged for Pam to blow me at school today. “We're setting the table right now, Master.”Pam blushed and nodded. “Okay, Ms. Samuels.”“Oh, call me Vicky here,” she laughed. “I'm not. ******************************** The same nightmare. The same Phone. The Same message. ‘There’s been an accident. You need to…’ The living room fades to black. The only thing left were the voices. ‘Severe Damage…Heavy Blood loss’ ‘She’s going into cardiac arrest!’ ‘Clear!!!’ Then it abruptly stops, moments of silence. And then: ‘I’m sorry, Mr.Leonard. We did everything we could, but we were unable to save both of them.’ With a cry of anguish, I was back to real life, in the early morning..

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