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We did not ”talk” about the night before but both of us remarked upon how well we’d slept. Hand in hand, we strolled into the deserted lobby. Qu...zzically we asked the young desk clerk where everyone was. He grinned and said that the entire lodge had booked a bus trip to enjoy surrounding countryside. We shrugged and went to a secluded couch placed in front of a roaring fire with its back to the main lobby. The fire was hypnotizing us as the flames danced and the wood crackled as it burned. My. Now the rest of that first week Mark did his flirting and she responded more and more to it also every night when we got home she was dressing up more and wearing more body showing clothes and flirting back more, then Thursday night Mark asked us if he could stay the weekend I said that's fine and my wife agreed so fast I knew that we could try something that weekend.As soon as my wife left the room I told Mark that I know we can try something this weekend he agreed that he thought the same. For the most part, they carried a few days worth of food with them in the hope that they could gain control of an area where fresh supplies could be provided. They were armed with their rifles, but carried a limited amount of ammunition.Historically, paratroopers had to march from the drop zone to their destination carrying their supplies with them. Once at their destination, they engaged the enemy and then held the position waiting for the regular troops to arrive. The idea was that they. "Were you playing with that tight teen cunt earlier? Hmm. You like slut." Noting the blank expression on her face, I moved to kneel before her again and nuzzled up to her bare pussy with my nose and brushed my lips against her hairless mound, allowing her musky scent to fill my nostrils. Having had my fill, I then proceeded to slowly lick the outline of her delicate vulva and grinned smugly to myself as I heard the tiniest of whimpers finally escape her mouth. It was only now that I actually.

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