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I have long brown hair, at that time almost always in a pony tail. Brown eyes, and about 170cm tall. I have a slim body, and I'm fit. I enjoy horse and jogging in the woods. I think most boys would consider me cute, rather than beautiful or sexy. I was always a bit shy and didn't have many friends. I had a couple of friends I was very close to. Still am. I had a couple of boyfriends but none lasted long, I guess I was too shy. I liked to masturbate often. And when I turned sixteen, I. After teetering on her high heels for a few anxious heart-stopping-moments, she thankfully regained her composure, although she had to drop her packages in their colourful beribboned wrappings, which fell in disarray at my feet. I stooped to retrieve them and as I rose shamefaced by my unthinking boorishness, I blurted out clumsy words of apology, which she accepted with a graciousness which I later learned was so characteristic of her.“S’il vous plaît accepter mes excuses sincères, c’était. I know you're right outside the door watching me, but I need some release, some form of pleasure to keep myself sane. I know you'll tease me. I know you'll fuck around with me until I beg you for release. "Stop," you say. I do, because I know that if I disobey you, you'll just torture me longer. "Keep your eyes closed. Don't look at me baby, just listen to my voice." I nod my head to show that I have understood. I want to see you so bad though. I wonder whether your cock is already hard,. ”“Are you trying to kill me or what?”“Well you don’t have to but I think you need it.”“Cheeky sod,” I said laughing. “Okay I will but only because I love you.”Wrapping the towel around my body I strode out of the bathroom and downstairs to the kitchen. Getting a cold beer from the fridge I opened it and took a long slow mouthful. Hearing voices coming from the front room I went to see if mum and dad were back yet. On the settee lounged two of Paul’s mate’s, I knew neither of them but what I did.

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