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Tardy bell rang, still no Hannah."Well fuck," I muttered under my breath. I guess she wore herself out last night!I called role and waited about ten ...intues for stragglers to come in. Hannah was the only absentee, so I filled out the absentee report and sent it to the office with another student. After standing, I turned towards the chalk board and wrote instructions for the day's work. As I turned to sit back down, there stood Hannah, with the same absentee report in hand.What, I shot her. Just promise me you’re not in any trouble, Mikey, then I’ll be happy,” Jenna said. “I promise. Jen, babe, just relax,” as he spoke he moved his hand between her knees and gently pried them apart. “What are you doing?” Jenna asked with a smile as he moved further up her thighs. “What does it look like I’m doing? Seeing if all this money has made your pussy wet,” Mikey said sliding his fingers inside her panties. He grinned, “And it has.” Jenna moaned and widen her legs. She had to admit she was. ” She pointed at her vulvae, taking my glands in her fingers and placing me at the head of her tunnel. I ducked, lay her on her back and began to eat her pussy with her legs in the air, pushing her legs up and back so her knees were up near her head. This made her shake her hips uncontrollably, until my tongue found her clit. I said: “Shh… relax. Let me explore your body. Oh, that clitoral hood is too large. Could I achieve some stimulation here? Oh, what is this spongy area within your. I was shocked but quickly agreed and I told him to undress and I did the same. As soon as we both were naked I told him to sit back down and I took ahold of his already very hard and very beautiful cock. I began licking the shaft and kissing the head, stroking it slowly and rubbing his thigh. I wasn’t long until precum started to leak out so I started rubbing his wet lubrication over my face, lips and tounge, licking the hole and underneath the head, pushing the tender spot hard against my lips.

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