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OhJammmes Panting, I began to thrust upward as though my cunt wanted to swallow his fingers. They went in as far as they could go at the perfect angle... and his palm rubbed against my tender clit gently. The spasms were already forming into a mind numbing crescendo, it barely took any work at all. There was no reason to hold back the needy high pitched moan escaping my lips, and the back of my mind thanked fates that we were alone tonight. I couldn’t hold back even if I wanted to. My body was. He loved watching stories where a mom catches her son stealing her panties and he wondered if he could find a pair of her's before she put them in the wash. Laura did so much laundry that mark could never find a dirty pair but would occasionally pull one from her drawer and fantasize. She was almost always home so it was difficult to find any opportunity, so when he arrived home that day he was surprised to see that she was no where to be found. Mark called out, "Hey mom, I'm home! we were. Oldham halted in mid sentence and looked at me. I knew when I wasn't wanted and got up to leave, heading for the back door."Sam," I heard him call me."Yes sir," I went back so he wouldn't have to yell."Don't let her take advantage of you."I must have blushed three shades of red. "Yes sir," I said and saw Suzanne turn her head so I wouldn't see her smile. I did a quick count of the guests to make sure they were all accounted for as I resumed my trip to the back door. Alice and Brenda were in the. ..i was in chastityi spent the day wondering why , feeling lock , my cage inside my panty playing pc game until i coudnt think of anything elsei smoke weed and look at my phone texting Mikebut no answeri wanted to suck , i only thought about a juicy bbc to wrap my lipse aroundi dress in sweat pants and a pull , then went outabout to discover how easy it is to get a nice stranger bbc to suck on in the middle of the day , at the park all it needed was a smile toward him as i sit on a bench.

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