But I never really expected anything to come of their glances. Jack wasn't unattractive. He was tall, muscular, blonde and had a few tattoos. His hair...was messy from the pool and he was wearing an orange bathing suit and yellow shirt. "How did they smell?" Jack's eyebrows raised at my question. "Oh my God, Sammy. Your panties smell like heaven! I hope you don't mind, but I couldn't resist sucking on a few pairs." He took the pair he was holding in his hand and stuck the crotch part in his mouth. Morgan had camped near a low hill at one end of a big, open meadow, maybe five hundred yards square. Captain Foster told me it was called Hannah's Cowpens, and it did look like a nice pasture, but I sure would not have picked it as a place to fight a battle. Which is why I am a private, Foster is a captain and Dan Morgan is a general. It is a good thing I can shoot pretty good, or they would probably have made me a cook's assistant. I was a corporal a few times during the war but never could. --- "Go on all fours, bow down, and stick out your bum, girl." --- he said motioning her.She did as she was told, turning her back towards the bishop, bowing low and sticking her ass high up. The bishop lifted her skirt with his staff.--- "She's very obedient." --- he said to the priest.--- "Yes. She seems to know to respect her superiors." --- said the priest kneeling over her head.--- "Good." --- she heard the bishop say, while he placed staff against the wall, and knelt behind her exposed. A few details have been changed to protect the guilty. The purpose of all the stories is to document how I changed from a shy virgin to a dominant Bull.Now that I knew that I could find couples on Craigslist, I was hooked. I knew I was going to Vegas the next weekend so I posted an ad. A got a response from a woman who said she was part of a couple. Her and her boyfriend were going to be in Vegas for the weekend and she wanted some "quality chocolate". We exchanged a few e-mails and pictures..

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