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She stands on my right spaying my hair down when my hands gets a mind of it's own. My thumb begins to rub against her clit. She steps back and I stamm...r an apology. She doesn't look upset, she looks a little turned on. The work on my hair continues as does out talk. Neither of us are sure on what we should do with the sexual energy between us. Soon she finishes the work and takes off that curtain they put on you. I'm caught off guard because my erection is sizable and she notices it. I'm at a. I ran out of breath in a couple of minutes and pushed away from his face to catch my breath. I was incredibly turned on at this point and so I went down on my knees and opened up his zipper and unhooked his pants and pulled them down, to my surprise a huge 7 and a half inch black dick hit my face and wasting no time I took it in my mouth. He let of a quite moan but was still under control.I started to blow him and he was pleasured. He put his hands behind my head and started to slowly push it. We then began a very slow session of caressing, and kissing which led to her going down on me and spending what seemed like hours sucking on my cock. She would slowly bring me right up to the point of blowing my load and then she would back off; I would roll her over every now and then and tenderly fuck her for a while. After alternating pleasures between her mouth and her pussy several times, she put herself between my legs with me on my back, my hips on the edge of the bed where she had. Itook some more pictures, including a before shot of his asshole. Ismiled knowing from the appearance, that Denise was not entirely avirgin. It looked like his hole was not a stranger to the collection ofdildos, vibrators, and butt plugs in the duffle.I spread anal lube on Denise's hole. He moaned as I easily worked twofingers deep inside him. Yes, his hole had seen some action before.Sharon was giggling at the whole scene. I had to help position Sharonand her strap-on over Denise's ass. Sharon.

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