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My eyes went wide and my hearing sharpened as I went absolutely rigid beneath the shower spray, and my heart began racing while I heard the rather obv...ous sounds of clothes being stripped off someone's body just outside the floor-length curtain."Hey did you hear me? Are you almost done?" she repeated.My jaw opened slightly, but no sounds came out. I blinked rapidly, my mind awhirl. What the fuck do I do? What the fuck do I do?My conscience was no help to me. No brilliant strategies or. It hadn’t gotten up again. It was also the place where whoever had shot it had been attacked, and from the look of it, that person had been Sygor.He wasn’t there, nor was the deer he’d killed. There was however a lot of blood, and more importantly, his horse’s tack, as well as parts of the animal. Someone had killed his mount.I looked about, disgustedly. I could easily make out what had happened. Sygor had obviously tethered his horse to a sapling so he could dress out his kill. He’d laid his. I was so angry. It was kind of scary.”Then she used her grip on my shoulders to pull herself forward. She wrapped her arms around my neck and tucked her face beside mine. “Shh!” I whispered in her ear. “Everything’s going to be okay.”She didn’t say anything. She was squeezing her legs tightly around my waist and with her arms around my neck to the point where I had to adjust her arms a little to ensure that I could breathe properly.I ran a hand up and down her back. The wet shirt had floated. She's a lucky girl to get to play with you so much. When she told me, it got me so wet and so horny that I had to get her to go down on me and lick my pussy out" she informed me. The thought of that happening in my mind was having it's desired effect on me, as my cock began to rise on it's own. Her hand caressing back and forth, as she worked her way up to my groin and began to caress the shape of my now hard erection through my boxer shorts."Hmm, your cock is getting hard sweetie. Would you.

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