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It was one of those nights when Kristin told me she had experimented with oral sex with a fraternity boy because she didn't want to get pregnant or ge... an STD. She just ridiculed the fellow as she described his clumsy attempts to graduate from a blow job to full on sex."So, I we were making out up in the loft of the frat house and there was all kinds of people up there and lots of know what I mean? Like, people doing it right out in the open! I was totally not ready to get. The jacket fit me like a tent. He surveyed the result. "Is this gonna even work?" Yes, it will work. Last year I wore Dad's. I need to pin up the sleeves so my hands won't be tied up." Uh, pins aren't something I have," he said."Well, I do, sir! A wise person is prepared for emergencies." Mom had drilled into me the need for her, as she called it, 'survival kit', a little case with needles, thread, pins, a selection of buttons, a big bag of safety pins, some textile cement and little scraps of. "I looked at her with my best sad puppy-dog eyes."You're such a meanie," I said."I know, but it's good for you. Someone needs to put you in your place every now and then." She nodded toward the kitchen. "Come on, let's get some breakfast. We need to get moving soon."We ate relatively quickly, which mostly meant I pestered April less than usual, then she drove me to school. I got there earlier than I needed to be, which worked for me because I couldn't get my sister's naked body out of my head,. But she is here, still obedient, still subservient to me and any other black superior who I sanction to enjoy her.” Said Master proudly.Master clicked his fingers and I quickly got back down on my knees by his side. He stroked my head as he chatted.“Lindel’s sissy is proving a little harder to train.” He laughed. “I beat this one for pleasure, not out of any punishment or necessity to break her will, she already gives herself totally to Black Power” he said softly “ But I fear Lindel is going.

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