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I had never really looked at Jess's birthcontrol before. I had seen the case they came in, but it was somethingprivate to Jess that she did not really...share with me. She had juststarted taking it again since she stopped breast feeding our youngest. I opened the case and saw that whoever made this stuff had put somethought into it. The pills were extremely tiny and arranged in onewrapper that segregated every pill from each other. There was a hole inthe bottom of the case for each one to be. ..We went into the room and i was shocked and turned on at the same time as was my husband. As we undressed again I made my hubby lay on the bed and i started licking at his toes as i expressed how he would feel if daddy was fucking my cunt from behind while i pleasured him and i licked and sucked my way up to his cock and kept saying hmmm huh what do you think of daddy fucking me? He replied with a loud moan meaning yes!!! So I went to the door and opened it and there lay my dad on the couch. ”I did not put on my boots as I finished and headed for the door, “I will be out back.”I had a plan and went out and began to dig the large shallow pond I was going to put in. I knew where I could get Koi and some water plants. I looked up a little later to see Kylie looking at me from the patio. I hesitated and she moved closer, “what are you doing?”I grinned, “making a pond for Koi.”She smiled and moved to one side, “with a waterfall?”I looked at that end, “maybe if I can find a small enough. The young female told Ray. Delving in Ray was deeper than he'd ever gotten, again as with the neighbor female he saw that it was the same delicate area. Sighing Ray was so tired if he could fix this area it might be the last he'd have to do. Elizabeth said then felt her energy drop a bit. Ray nodded as they both merged and were in the mind of the young female. the young female demanded. Ray told the young female. Turning to Elizabeth the young female smiled. (Ray thought it was a smile) .

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