“Ohh Emma …I know…. But we have to“ he sighed, looking down her smooth belly to see her most perfect vulva, already pouting and oozing her wan...on juices. Her heart beat even faster as she saw his great column jerk even higher into the air as he looked upon her most intimate place. “Oh darling Jack...” she sighed, and as he moved to hold her his robe rode up and she gaped at the huge sack beneath his great column. It contents like two overripe plums bulging with his copious seed. She could not. His cockfelt wet. It was my pussy juice on him! ? Kathy yelled outto me! ? ?Honey! Your noton the pill are you?? ? I was trying tocatch my breath but I was finally able to answer her back and said. ?No!? ? Kathy respondedback in near shock or was she! ? ?Oh no! Your nottaking birth control! You just took your lover?s black seed into your belly!Into your womb! Into your married white belly!? ? I knew she wasbuilding it up for the film she was taking but it was true! Everything Kath wassaying was. The first ten or fifteen minutes passed and the two seemingly kept a slight distance from one another. It seemed Seth was an avid fan of WWE wrestling and somehow coerced Nathan into playing a role. Nathan would stand on the side of the pool and hip toss Seth into the water. Each time Seth got out of the pool, Nathan got an eyeful of Seth’s slightly covered crotch area. He could easily make out the outline of Seth’s one inch flaccid cock, and he could barely make out the appearance of the. " So go ahead." Not here; some place a little more private." It's your house; lead the way."She led me off to a room that I took to be her husband's home office or den. She closed the door behind us and then she cut right to the chase. "You are too old for my daughter and I don't want you seeing her any more." Did you tell her that?" No I didn't. Tammy is headstrong and if I told her that she would keep seeing you just to show me that she was old enough to do what she wanted regardless of what.

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