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“Don’t make excuses slut,” he said coldly. She got back to her feet, tears running down her face as juices ran down her thighs. She realized sud...enly that her shorts felt tight. She looked down and immediately saw why. Her flat stomach was bloated, pressing painfully against the jeans. As she watched in horror, the top button popped, allowing her belly more room.“Daddy, what did you do?”“Well look at that. That perfect body of yours isn’t so perfect anymore, is it? Looks like you’re growing. Meine fir pucha bolne.. to usne kaha bra ane panty. For meine use color pucha. Usne Katha white bra and purple panty. Us waqt batchelor the is liye eisi talks bahot maja de rahi thi. Fir hum eisi chat karne lage. Usne bhi mujh se pucha te shu peryu che? I said Shorts and T. Fir usne bhi pucha bas atlu j ? I said yes. She said Undee nathi? Maine kaha naa. Ratre nathi favtu. She sent lol smily and likha freedom of movement….:).Fir Maine pucha Tara Bobla ni size shu che? She said 34D I said hmm. 3mota hai,to baat is feb ki hai,main roz maa ki bra penty smell kerta tha or bra may pani chorta tha per ek din may nay soch lia aaj maa ko chodonga or 14 ko raat 1:30am ko main nay maa ka rape kernay ka saamaan lia rasiaan leen or maa kay room may gaaya sirf half pent pehni thi shirt bhi utardi maa pooja ker rahi thi maa mangalsutra or sindoor nahin lagati maa khadi thi peeth meri taraf thi maa nay mujhay dekha or boli jai beta pooja ker lay per main to aaj pagal tha,main maa ko bola maa i. Don’t get me wrong I’m not gifted in that department. My penis is around five inches max, if that. But she noticed again, as always. She would never make it obvious though. We started going through how I was doing. What my strengths and weakness were etc.Then I asked the question that changed everything, “What can I do to improve?”She replied “Stop ogling my feet,” and let out the cutest giggle.I started to go red and she said, “I don’t mind you staring but don’t make it obvious."She started.

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