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After few minutes of thinking my mom removed her saree in front of my friends. Viki is the makeup man, he applied makeup for my mom & pinched her sexy...navel.Jagan told my mom that there was a photo shoot today and the shoot will be after 1week. She agreed what he said. My friends told my mom to give some seductive poses in a transparent saree. One of my friends noticed that the navel of my mom was not visible. Then he went close to my mom and told her to be at low hip. In a fraction of seconds,. "Here, you can have this."I took it. "I'll look into it. Thanks."I wasn't really that interested. Staying hard and not coming did sound like a good time to me.At that time, the bedroom door opened, and the three women walked out. I thought they might look all sweaty and disheveled, but like Brian and me, it looked like they had just talked."Now, you think about what we talked about," said Aileen."We will," assured Vonda.Then Aileen turned to me. "Alex, I'd like to apologize to you. Every man I. She might not be a model, but she's got the pose down perfect, 'did I leave my panties on the couch again?', with a tilted smile.I know. I know. Real children don't sexualize their parents. I'm not going to pretend understand it either, but her tits stared back! I swear. No matter where I was in a room, they followed me. Who wouldn't be suspicious? Sex and my mother were like cars for geese. She didn't know what sex was, where it came from, or that it was in anyway related to her body. Sex was. I want to be your tool. You don't disappoint. You kneel over me and put your hand between your legs. You grab my cock and push it against your swollen lips. As it slips in, you draw a breath and look right into my eyes. You put your hands on my chest and lower yourself a little more. Your pussy feels tight against my swollen cock, and your fingers feel hot as they gently dig into my chest. Your pussy doesn't want to let me in all the way at first, so we work it gently for a while, both of us.

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