You wanted to cum so badly and I felt your hips start to move backwards and forwards on my hand. I quickly moved away,"I warned you not to move"I took...your cuffed hands and attached them to chains hanging from the ceiling and then put a spreader bar between your legs.Using some rope I start to bind your big beautiful breast,tightly running the rope around them,forcing them away from your trembling body. I started fondling them,just a light touch for now but slowly getting harder and harder.Your. He realized something was wrong. His eyes shot wide open. Ivy was staring down on him. She was sitting on his tummy. He looked all over the bedroom. He could see that his wrists had been tied to his bed's upper railings. His body was still under the blanket but he felt his legs spread wide open. He knew that that his ankles, like his wrists, had been tied to the railings. His mouth was gagged with cloth, in fact his own underwear.Ivy looked at Charles in a malicious way."I see that my slave has. She realized that he liked lying on his back while she bounced on him her tits flapping away. And like a dutiful girl, she organized his clothes and cooked his dinner. ?but her mother has to step in It did not take Mr. Munroe long to find out that her mother worked in his factory. He found out that she was a woman with an attitude. She was a hard worker and regular customers would often ask for her to be part of the delivery team and it was not unusual for customers to request that she be sent. Valli smiled shyly. She picked up a pair of the pants from the sofa and was about to hand them to him when her eyes fell on the big jutting bulge in his briefs. Her cheeks reddened at the sight of his maleness displayed and conveying his desire for mating. Valli took a deep breath and dropped the pants. Then she looked into his eyes. Vijay returned her stare. Then, Valli came up very close to him and, putting her arms around his waist, she slowly lowered herself down to her knees and looked up.

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