We stand in the hall, frozen, notmoving.We can see the roast beef, a big hunk of bleeding brown on a silvertray, on top of the table.Pie, Walker and A...ery all grab knives from the table, face each other.Pie darts to the left, out of our view. Walker and Avery follow. Wecan't see them anymore. To see them, we'd have to go into the room."What should we do?" he asks me. "I'm starving."The roast beef does look wonderful. It's been so long since we've eaten."I truly don't want to go in there," I. She arched her back, crying out, her entire body tingling, her mind becoming foggy with the oncoming orgasm. 
“I’m going to cum-“ She cried, and he stopped. He removed his fingers and moved between her legs, pulling her close to him so his cock pressed against her. He ran his cum soaked fingers across her lips and she opened her mouth, sucking them while staring up at him. He ran his thumb across her bottom lip and then pushed the tip of his cock inside her. Her eyes closed and she bit the. As soon as the truck had stopped she scooted down on to the floorboard. Moments later they drove past. When she could hear no more sounds coming from behind her she inched up and peered out the glass.They must have known they owned the night. As soon as Jan saw the end of their procession she knew that she had exactly zero chance of rescuing her friends. Each of the individual bikers looked to be a formidable opponent but as a group they were flat-out unstoppable. The next morning the thought. I was screaming.-aaah…oh god!…oh god no!…imad…aaah!-He fucked me till he reached his highest pace. He was holding my hair tight and having it pulled apart, getting my neck bent backwards. I was screaming.After a while, he stopped and got outside, saying,-to the lazy man position…come on!-Lazy man was going to be the 2nd position. One over, 6 more to go!We positioned ourselves and I started riding him. I knew one thing. This time, he is gonna finish it.I rode him up and down, holding his neck.

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