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Even her parents knew about the girl’s crush, her father once told me in an unguarded private moment that he would rather Debbie be my father’s ke...t woman than the wife of any of the boys he found ‘sniffing around’ - even if he had to pay to do the keeping! Though she is a very sweet girl it is obvious that higher education is nowhere in her future, not even the proverbial ‘Mrs Degree’. I did worry about her going through the ‘training center’ regime, Mom would just have to be extremely. You know how much I miss you when we don't get to see each other," I say with a smile on my face. "I miss you too," he admits as he finally looks up from my legs. I wonder if he realizes that I am about to push our friendship to a new level today. We have spent almost every day since we met fighting our attraction. We both have significant others and calling either of our respective relationships rocky is a mild description. We have spent a lot of time being naughty by text but we know that. I gave him my master’s name, and basically forgot about it. He messaged Master L and asked if he could take me in hand for some play, and was refused; my master then challenged him by accusing him of being a poser and no true master. Master K then told my master that what he wanted he usually got and since my master wasn’t here, there was nothing to stop him. Master L responded that it would be amusing to watch Master K try and was told that I would be sucking Master K’s cock within thirty. Now I knew why the house was so quiet. I sat at the table with my coffee and some toast, thinking about moving back to my home, when Ash entered the kitchen. For a girl who had felt so bad last night, she looked pretty refreshed. Amazing how the younger ones bounce back so fast!!“Hi there beautiful, how are you feeling?” I smiled, pushing back my chair and giving her a little kiss on the lips. “Oh and I think you might be missing something?” noting she only had her long T-shirt.“I need.

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