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‘Why don’t you lead her around the room?’ inquired Harvey , intuiting that Sherry would find it more humiliating to be led by Carol than him. Ca...ol looked delighted and Sherry looked at once defiant and yet submissive. Carol led her first to Andy who patted her head and agreed to participate. She then led her to Tom and Tom was delighted to have his future daughter-in-law again kneeling before him. He feasted his eyes on Sherry’s naked form looking oh-so-demure as she held out and curled her. Chrissake. It’s morning, maybe even afternoon, and the sun is shining through a broken pane of glass up there in the roof – right into her eyes, a Gestapo desk-lamp. She should feel good about this. Isn’t sunlight supposed to cheer you up? Catriona is fairly sure she read about this in some magazine, somewhere. Something to do with vitamins, wasn’t it? Whatever. At this moment in time there is little to be cheerful about – sunlight or no. For starters, there’s the smell. Catriona Hamsun smells. Bella knew exactly what she was doing when she came to me with that plan.’ Cole shuddered, remembering the moment when his soul had twisted between his hunger for Sophie and his bone-deep need to protect her from harm. ‘I nearly said yes. And she knew it. I nearly let Bella take my desire and turn it into something she could use to hurt you. So I made her leave. Because she wanted to humiliate you and hurt me, hurt us, and I couldn’t trust myself to stop her. ‘And that’s why I’ve never said. Becky and I get everything on and situated and I load both of our rifles and chamber rounds and Mandy looks at me…”Shit, this is really bad isn’t it hon?” “it is not bad yet, but that can change in a heartbeat…I will feel better when I know you and Sis on that bird and out of here…that way I can concentrate on keeping Becky safe and both of us alive…” Just then there is a knock at the door and I go over and get it, The Sergeant is standing there with the CID agent in charge and says, “Colonel,.

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