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After a few moments, I reach out and retrieve the can of whipped cream. I give it a good shake and pop the top off, looking you in the eyes the entire...time. I turn the bottle over and start spraying the whipped cream around your right breast, ending with a tight spiral around your nipple. I quickly move over to the left breast and prepare it with the whipped cream also. After I have covered both breasts, I lean over and begin licking the whipped cream off by sticking my tongue out and lapping. "What a coinsidence we are staying at the same resort."We both went our own way but he was constantly on my mind. Later that day i was back in my room. I was hot from my long day walking I stripped out of my clothes and turned on the shower. I stood naked infront of the bathroom mirror looking at myself all of a sudden i thought of the man i met. I didnt even ask his name. Even though he said we are in the same resort I doubt that I would bump into him again. A guy like that probably has a wife. He told me to get the paddle and that he was going to teach me not to play with my little dick. He had me strip naked and get on my knees to apologize to him. My apology, was of course, not good enough, so he ordered me to crawl over to my weight training bench and bend over the angled upper part. There was no warm up. Just like dad did, it was full force from the beginning. The first took my breath away. I was shocked at how hard a man could hit. (I had played with a Domina before, and. So, it wasn't until later on, after Omar had left (a number of hours later), and as Mara slept (happily exhausted), that I 'relieved myself' (sexually). I put the camera down on the table beside the bed and went to the toilet. I quietly closed the door behind me, and then, and only then, did I seek to 'alleviate' my own pent up sexual energies, by masturbating. As I did so, I couldn't help but play back in my memory the sight and sound of Mara having sex with Omar. Never before had she ever.

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