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It is something I know about with my studies in English literature. I told her that men tend to regard Jane Austin’s novels as books for women, but...admitted to finding a few of them very compelling stories, Pride and Prejudice, and Mansfield Park, in particular. I noticed that Sarah had both of those novels in her collection, as well as some other very classy works. Her explanation? ‘I don’t really care for television, and have always been a reader. A lot of these books are my Father’s, and I. * * * * *Stiffness consumed Jessica's body as she slowly came to. She'd beenresting in an awkward position after collapsing into unnatural sleep andshe felt it through her entire body. Stiffness and something else...Something didn't feel right.She sat up slowly, scanning the room and wondering if the supernaturalencounter had been real. Perhaps she'd dozed off in the midst of herfantasizing and the rest was a bizarre dream. She swung her legs towardthe edge of the bed and realized that her. Phew I think panic over . She straddles me and with one hand teases myself down her clit . With the other hand she pushes me back on the sofa , I feel myself hit some pressure and then warmth . “ holy fuck “ I groaned she then starts to grind her hips agaisnt me . She then bounces her small tits and belly is bouncing up and down , then she gets wet she groans louder and louder . I start to loose inability to think all I want is this moment never to end . Again she makes me suck her nipples and. I however, could not get my mindoff of the goddess I just saw. Her phone number was stuck in my head. The wholeride home my mind was running through a hundred different fantasies. I knew whatthe "TS" meant in the add, and although I had never even considered the option,now all I could do was envision myself looking down at that gorgeous woman asshe performed all kinds of sordid acts on me. When I got home, I figured I better get my mind off of Miss K and backinto the real world. I called my.

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