He would have normally already been up by this time but yesterday was his twenty-first birthday and his friends had made sure that he didn’t get in ...ntil late. He hadn’t really minded then but now he was hating himself as he slowly sat up and fought the urge to just lie back down and go back to sleep. If he slept in then he wouldn’t get to bed at a decent hour tonight and he would be going through this again tomorrow. It was better to just suck it up and crawl out of bed.“A shower will wake me. How do you think that makes me feel? Your all that I've ever looked for in another human being. Next to Sam you have the coolest personality of any girl I've ever met. I have never had a girlfriend before, and its because I'm looking for just the right girl. Someone I can relate to, someone who likes my sense of humor, someone who's a lot like me! And you fit all those categories. I love you Rachel and nothing can stop me from loving you.", I said starting to cry.I could tell she was hurt.. As they rode, Nathaniel amused her with sarcastic and witty comments whispered in her ear, which she couldn’t react to without the soldiers figuring out their game; she punished him by shifting imperceptibly in the saddle, ensuring that she brushed up against him suggestively, relishing the gasps and stutters she could hear each time. By the time they reached the King’s camp, they were both breathless and aroused – but they also both had duties to attend to.Nathaniel promised to see her at the. It was a long kiss. I wanted time to work on Mom's breast to get past the anger I detected in her brief protest before my mouth covered hers, time for her body to react and override her mind. My cock was tingling with excitement and so was my brain when I realized Mom's body was reacting as I hoped, so when I felt Mom's nipple poking hard into my palm, I released her and gulped in much needed air.CRACK!I reeled back, stunned. Mom's right arm was swinging back from what must have been a full.

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