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"I can clear this up," Bob said stepping between his wife and daughter wrapping an arm around each of them. "Quade here came into the shop on Friday l...oking for Suzie, seems they have been seeing each other. I didn't recognise him straight away, but once I worked out who he was, I thought what a great time to catch up with old friends and bring our two little lovebirds back together." Back together?" Suzie asked. "We only met a few days ago." Apparently I proposed to you about twenty years ago,. I fuck you harder as you push me away and insert the cock you have been wanking it's not long before you feel the hot throbbing cock cum in your pussy with a hard jerk he cums and pulls out, with your hand you pull her pussy to the front of you and push her head down lick it all out. She drops to her knees and starts to gently run her lips and tonge up and down your wet cum soaked pussy she licks all the cum out and you even cum a little on her face as you are so near to cumming you grab my. Amy, too, was silent, looking at her parents with shining eyes."Let's go in and call it a day."°°°A half hour later, Katie had relayed the events of the evening, and by now, Amy was sleeping with her head on Katie's lap and the rest sprawled over Luke's."Let me bring her to bed," he whispered, lifting the sleeping Amy up and heading for her bedroom.Katie followed and watched with a happy smile as Luke stripped Amy of her costume and put her under the blanket."Sleep tight, Sweetie!" he whispered. The kind of thing one would expect from a Domme. Standing there like that before her, I felt embarrassed that I was starting to get aroused.She approached me, walking around me. I could feel her eyes on every inch of my bare skin. "Nice Eddie, you did well." She reached down to lightly cup my balls, and her hand passed very lightly over my hardening cock. I could hear the smile in her face as she commented on my arousal. "Seems you like this; that's a sign of a true submissive, Eddie."I stood.

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