At leastthat is until now." And what about you Sophie?" pressed Jane.Sophie sat silent for long moments before nodding guiltily."Well, yes. I wasn't because Mary used to bring boyfriends home.It's only when the boyfriends stopped altogether and Sandra appeared thatI began to suspect." Well are you happy for them now?" pressed Jane as she compelled herfriends to confront their fears and prejudices.A small tear escaped Alicia's eye as she bit her lip."I want them to be happy, but I so wanted. The other lucky guy reached up too. By now Alison was moaning, her pussy was being invaded by the two urgent lovers. Unfastening the front of one males pants Alison extracted his thick length. A purple headed rod sprang out in the woman's tight grip. At the same time the other man got between her legs and started eating her wetness like a thirsty c***d. Alison was getting close, she pulled one cock to her mouth and took it deeply into her throat. The feeding man raised himself and. ‘Is that what happened, Judy?’ She was giving me another chance. I didn’t take it.‘I – yes, Headmistress.’ I looked at my feet. I couldn’t look her in the eye.She took a deep breath, and sighed.‘Hmmm. Very well. In a case like this, I would normally consider six strokes of the cane to be adequate punishment. You are, however, the Head Girl, and you are expected to set a good example for others to follow. You have failed to do that, young lady, one way or the other!’The doubt in her words was. Man she’s good, he thinks. He looks at Lois for a long moment before finally sighing and turning away. Head bowed, he takes a breath and opens his mouth. ‘She’s been seeing someone else,’ he says quietly. ‘An old high school boyfriend. I guess he contacted her on Facebook a few months before she left. According to her best friend, Cindy, that’s why she left. He still lives in her hometown. That’s why she went back there.’ Lois is dead silent. Jesse can’t even hear her breathing. He wants to.

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