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I turned into the car park, and true to his word I saw the white van parked exactly where he said it would be, and as I neared it I saw him appear at ...he back corner.I parked close by, but distant enough to be clear of him, got out and double checked my overcoat was buttoned fully, I was as he requested, nude underneath, wearing a pair of my black stay-up stockings.I walked bravely up to him, and as I neared, I saw he was a handsome man, late thirties muscular build, and sexy in every way, he. He's a little more straight laced. I'm in my late twenties, tall, long blond hair, average size boobs, nice nipples, thin waist and a small round butt. I think I've got a body made for fucking although I have yet to be ravaged. I want to be dominated, told what to do. Treated like a fuck toy, a slut, fucked hard like he hates me. I'd like to be made to do things I watch in porno films. Cum on my face, on my tits, in my hair even face fucked. I would imagine a guys cock deep in my mouth, and his. As I did this I was pushed down on all fours and I knew I was going to be fucked. As I had a cock deep down my throat someone yanked the butt plug out. Then I felt Troy's cock go balls deep in me. As I screamed into the cock down my throat the guys were high fiveing Troy! Troy fucked me hard and fast. As he did the cock down my throat swelled and exploded. As I swallowed his load my ass had gotten used to Troy and I was fucking back on his cock. It felt so good but he was so quick he came. Now. They notice me immediately and brazenly survey my body from head to toe, clearly not trying to hid their interest. I politely ignore their boldness and take my seat, deliberately crossing my legs to allow the slit on my dress open to my upper thigh. I order a gin and tonic from the waiter and take out a cigarette from my purse. Immediately one of the Italians jumps up from his chair and lights the cigarette, saying something in Italian. I am not sure exactly what he said, but I can guess that.

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