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Still,Troi glanced around uneasily. This was rather strange, asking her to strip inthe public square like this and all the women seemed to be watching...her veryintently. With fingers that shook just a little, Deanna unsealed the front ofher uniform and pulled it open. She had expected hot weather and had not wornanything underneath so her breasts were immediately exposed to the view ofthe women around her and Troi sensed their lust increasing rapidly. Certainthat this was not such a great idea,. I suppose I knew you would reach them eventually, that in the end you would leave. I need this, and I need you. I knew that I couldn't have both for long - or at least I feared it." "I never said I was leaving - I don't know if I could," Steven said. "Then please stay with me, please indulge me, for at least a while longer. You won't be sorry. I promise." Her last words were delivered with sultry assurance. She smiled, and her eyes brightened. Unable to think, he extended the box, offering it. “Please, take me.”“Are you sure you know what you’re asking?”For the first time that night, I didn’t hesitate. “Yes, take m-”Before I could finish, he abruptly sat up and literally grabbed me by the waist. All at once I was lying on my back, his hands were pinning mine to the couch, and his mouth was assaulting mine. I nearly cried out in pleasure. I felt him run something soft through my hands. “Do you mind?” He murmured. I realized that it was a scarf, I assumed he intended on tying my hands. Their household now had two Mrs. Matthews and the happy trio honeymooned in their own home. It was a weekend of total debauchery, sex and sleep. The only difference from that of a normal weekend was the lack of studies. Mark and Kiki were still taking classes but decided a few days away wouldn't kill them.The INS paperwork was filed requesting permanent resident status for Kiki and, pending any future investigation, would be granted in whatever time frame the lords of bureaucracy deemed.

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