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Eventually, Mrs Fisher started to cry also. She got really bad. I'm not sure why. I went down to get her husband. I told him that she needed him."I st...yed downstairs with Jim. I guess I raped him. I woke him by stroking him. Then I pulled him on top of me and just put him in me. Oh God, it felt soo good, soo right! We made love for a long time. I could tell when he was close to finishing and made myself hurry to meet him. We finished together. Oh God, it was marvelous. We lay there for a long. I was being dragged face down, and the rocks raking across my breasts were too much to bear. John dropped me, swore, and came over to investigate. "Maybe I should have dragged you by the hair; the gag seems to have been pulled off." Sure enough, the hood was shredded, so his explanation was quite plausible. "No matter, I'm the only one who can hear you scream, and I quite enjoy it." He laughed again, and twisted my breasts. "But I think I'll let you recover a bit while I prepare the next set of. You turn towards me and smile. A smile filled with lust and desire.I place my hand on the blanket next to me and tap it, inviting you inside my warm and cozy hiding spot. You take off your boots and place them outside the tent. With one more glance to check the wood on the fire, you sit next to me. I lean against you and feel your chin on the top of my head.The warmth from the crackling fire spreads all over my body. We can see our breathe in the cold night sky. You slip an arm around my. Mi thoda wel basun maja pant madhe dhadpad karat aslelya lingawarun hat firwat asatancha ti aali wa tine te pahil. Mala gadbadi madhe chah detana thoda chah majya pant war padala tasa tine sorry karat aat geli. Mi chah ghetla. Wa aawaj dila ki mi yeto , tewdyat ti aali aani mhanali thoda wel thamba please, asa mhanat ti mhanali tumchi pant kharab jhali aahe ti clean karu dete mhanali, mi mhantal nako faqt pani de mi warun cha clean karato, ti mhanali khup chikat dag padala aahe ti kadhun dya.

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