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Freddie helped Jade off of him, withdrawing himself completely, a trickle running down her thigh as gravity brought his release south onto her leg. Th... dark haired girl was still overwhelmed and took his strong hand in hers and kissed him with as much passion as she was capable in this weakened state.Jade took a step back and pulled him along, leading him to the bathroom where they could, and probably would get cleaned up, but in her mind, she didn't want to truly clean herself of this. They hugged each other and hugged me.They put the earrings on and looked in the mirror. "I love the way they flash when you move. It makes me think you your beautiful smiles."I added, "I am warning you, though. If you take my rings, you are mine. No looking at other men."Maria put hers on right then and said, "Chico, when I look at other men I always compare them to you and they always lose."Sunny looked at me. I took the ring from her and asked if she was willing. She nodded and I slipped it. She could smell Marie’s perfume, a very pleasant contrast to her new Master’s body odor. Then Marie’s hands were under what was left of her shoulders and buttocks and she felt herself lifted from her padded prison and held more or less upright the way someone might hold a baby. Her face was at the level of Marie’s breasts and she noted that those breasts were lovely. She took the time to inspect her surroundings. She seemed to be at some country estate or chateau judging by the lack of city. They got in the truck and headed to his house. They got there and he grabbed her bag and lead her into the house. "This is our place, baby," he said motioning with his arm. "I love it!" she said, curling into his arms. "Hey, I'm really tired, do you think I could take a cat nap?" "Yeah, come on," he said, taking her hand and leading her to another part of the house. "Wow, this is beautiful," she said looking around as they walked. "I'm glad you like it baby," he said opening the door to the.

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