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If what you say is true, then your bigger then me and Ill be the loser wont I? Suddenly, the atmosphere around the room rose further, especially among...t the girls who leant in on their seats eagerly. ….Ok…., gulped Matthew. Slowly, he stood up and began to unbuckle his belt around his jeans. The tinkling sound of the metal on his belt broke the uneasy silence around the carriage as he began to unbutton his jeans. Finally, Matthew pulled down his jeans and underwear, revealing to the group his. They obviously didn't believe allthe usual rules about being strapped in and so on applied when theywere transporting a prisoner (I still couldn't bring myself to usethe word "slave" when I was thinking about myself). We'd beenairborne for some time when the door from the front of the planeopened and one of the two younger guys came in - he was in atypical air steward's uniform: tight black trousers, showing off hisslim bum, short-sleeved white shirt with dark blue epaulets on theshoulders, and. I looked over again to see Kat on her hands and knees getting pounded by Dan I could see Dan was much larger than Ted as her slammed her hard from behind, Kat's pussy was so Wet I could see her juices flowing out as his Cock moved in and out of her, then all of a sudden she started to shake, then she Groaned FUCK ME GOD FUCK ME I'm gonna CUM! With this Dan really started slamming her she was shaking Moaning and Grunting with every thrust he gave her. Then Dan's pace picked up as he started. She realised after about 5 minutes and moved her neck laughing at him and looked like she said naughty. Neil just smiled. I had to go to the toilet and when I returned they were still locked in the kiss, but then I noticed the milf had Neil’s cock out of his jeans and was wanking him on the dance floor, what a slut I yelled out and high five Neil, the milf just laughed and winked at me. She then started pulling Neil towards an exit door by his cock which made me laugh, they finally got outside.

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