It was like she had just appeared in one of the leather chairs across from us with a large, bald black man in a dark suit. It was hard to tell but I t...ought she was about my height. Rather tall for a woman. Long blonde hair cascaded across her shoulders, framing a face that was long, slender and pale. A soft pink lipstick was better than the red that so many fair skinned women favored. It suited her. The blue dress fit her svelte frame like a glove and showed her willowy legs to fine advantage. ..my sister just smiled and said.. you were set up... remember that ad ontv.. it started hypnotizing you..when you went to the SRS to apply ... we dug deep into your mind andfound out what type of woman you like.. and you like girls with bigtitties so we gave you some... you loved a girl that could fuck and sucka cock all nite .. so we programed your mind to be constantly horny..while you were at the SRS .. pretending to be fucking those huge tittiesthat you were so fond of .. we filled your. "Mike, this is Robert Grayfoot. Robert this is Miss Orchard's security chief, and fiancée."Robert looked the man up and down. "You have to be something very special to have captured her heart. Even though I only met her today, I can tell you that she is beyond special. And I will make it very clear that you had better be good to her, or I will hunt you down and send you to my ancestors to punish."Mike was not surprised that his Dani would get such a reaction but what did surprise him was the. You are amazing, I want to be your wife, at home at least, I know when we go somewhere, it's daddy-daughter...but still, daddy..." I had a tear come off my cheek, and he caught it with his tongue. He hugged my chest. "Me too, Baby. If you want it that way, It can be that way. " I was overjoyed! I was practically daddy's w I f e ! He kissed me, And we decided it would be good to save the love thing for later. " Well, Do you wanna watch a movie or something?" I said, Looking back at him,.

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