She backed up until she felt found herself in a corner. There was no escaping. She stifled her tears, not wanting to spook the horse. Realizing there no way of getting out of the stable, she crawled over to the horse. She grabbed it's long, meaty rod and opened her mouth. The second her lips touch the head of the horses cock, the horse thrust forward. Before Tina even knew what was happening, the horse had shoved it's cock deep into her throat. She choked and tried to back away. She slammed. "But you can't just confiscate my slaves. I'm responsible for them!" "They're already dead, as you just told me, so I'm only relieving you of thecarcasses". Two swords flashed and two bodies dropped heavily to the lowest deck. Thecaptain turned away, admitting defeat, and Marcus went to the rail, lookingdown at the slumped slaves. A couple of slave drivers approached them, raisingtheir whips. "Leave them!", he called and the decurion joined him, shouting something ina strange language. One of. If you could find a female turtle of the right size I guess I could make her happy, but that's unlikely."I was silent for a moment, and I noticed Wendy giving Eddie a rather sympathetic look. "I'm sorry about that. I can understand why you keep that a secret. Others might not be nice about keeping that quiet."Eddie nodded. "Most girls just think I'm playing hard to get, and I try to keep it that way. Friends are welcome though, and you've been a friend to just about everyone on campus."I was. His tool was massive now. Without warning, he dove into her. Ouch, I heard Rachhna yelp. That seemed to spur him on. Thoroughly dominating Rachhna, he rammed into her with that monstrous cock of his. Rachhna gasped and cried, but soon her cries turned to moans. Despite herself, she was beginning to enjoy herself. Suddenly, Sanjay took his tool out. I’m not going to let you off so easily, darling he whispered. He quickly turned her on her belly, and lifted her buttocks up in the air.Taking some.

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