He let his tongue glide slowly on each nipple as he suckled adoringly while kneading the other. Caught up in his passionate web, she thrust her breast... in his mouth and hands wantonly. Searing need took hold of her. He could see it in her cat-like eyes as she lustily urged him on. Cantering in a brink of pure undulated pleasure himself, he obliged her willingly.He laved at her breasts, letting her loud moans throw him in a frenzy. He had to have her. He couldn't wait any longer. Teasingly, he. My hands took hold of her full breasts as she lowered her thick torso. Our mouths met for a loving kiss. She wanted it more than that, so her tongue searched for mine to play. Easily found, the lingual dance promoted even more libidinous excitement than I already felt. Her pussy didn’t even need to move on my cock, and, by-in-large, it didn’t. At least until I felt company inside her.“Ooh,” she groaned into my mouth, but didn’t separate from it. I felt the familiar slide of dildo along the. In an open chest, sitting upon rumpled clothing, lay a necklace of braided gold with a ruby, the size of a chicken’s egg and reflecting light across its cut facets, attached at the end.My heart almost stopped beating. I’d never seen a ruby so big before. Without thought, I snatched it up, holding it before my eyes. A deep crimson bled out of the depth of the stone, growing lighter on the edges as the light shone on it.Kora would look so beautiful wearing it.The lamia moved, crouching low. Her. .. ooohhh ooooooouuuuuuiiii… à l'intérieur... oui… comme ça! Plus” and then she was shaking and I could feel her pussy tighten around my fingers and tremble under my mouth as she came. A warm and delicious smell filled my nose and she tasted so sweet. She kept trembling as I licked her clean and I was so intent on my task that I didn’t notice Henry had come to stand behind me... he started fingering my wet pussy and then as quick as I could say yes, he inserted his penis inside me and was.

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