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Swinging her long legs off the bed Gina walked to the bathroom door, “All good questions Valerie my dear, but they can wait until we're cleaned up a...d dressed. Steve and myself will answer ANY questions you might have. Come with us, sit here. We have a real treat in store for you!”. We walked into the shower, Gina and I both washed Valerie as she sat on the stool. The activity was repeated until the three of us had been scrubbed clean and all were sat in the main room. This time we cuddled. One of the home invaders now tied Riley’s arms behind her back while a second man covered her mouth to muffle her screams. Riley’s alluring hourglass figure was making the men hornier by the second. The men pushed the now-bound Riley down to her knees, and with a belt fashioned into a dog collar, one of her captors made her suck his dick. The men took turns getting a blow job from Riley One of the home invaders made Riley deep throat him as another man fingered her pussy. They continued to go. "It might rain." "The stars aren't auspicious tonight." Nobody says, "Go ask Wanzor ... she'll know."Some times it doesn't pay to be right. Like telling a head scribe, a trusted advisor, that his number is up tomorrow ... and he's found dead in bed without a single mark on him. Nobody needs to ask why he's in perfect alignment ... like he was in a casket holding a lily ... and the house girls aren't talking.Guess who gets the blame ... Wrong ... nope not RA ... Wrong ... Not the house girl that. Thats were the actual story begin I saw her masturbating in her bathroom and I was totally shocked to see that and I saw her using soap were she was just squeezing the soap were I really hoped that it will be my penis today were I can’t forget the look on her face and I got to hall and waiting for…she came to me and said we will start in 20mins were she was in a shirt and and wearing a jeans and I was little bit tense to speak about that…and she sat near me and slowly started speaking her.

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