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Andrea?"No, I would find limiting myself to a single partner too restrictive."The meaning was not lost on the teenager."Then you..." I... enjoy myself... I have a low threshold for boredom."The young girl actually blushed."Aun... Andrea!"They laughed again."Yes, I admit it, I indulge myself, but why shouldn't I? I can afford my life style, a life style that provides me fun, entertainment and... novelty. I like to experience new and different things. The fact that I am wealthy gives me that. .. and what’s more I can prove it! Turn round and face away from the table.” “No, I don’t trust you, what are you going to do?” “Just do it and you’ll see.” Jane looked a little nervous not sure what I had in mind but slowly turned to face outwards from the table so she now facing everyone in the bar. She gave me a puzzled look but I said nothing, just smiled and produced from my pocket a small whistle. Raising it to my lips I blew on it once, then suddenly felt daring and blew on it again. Alone but not lonely. All my best friends have been female. I have no close male friends. It could be because I was sexually abused as a kid, or perhaps it’s because I’m weird. Whatever the reason, I enjoy the company of women more than I do the companionship of men.”I held the palms of my hands open at my side and looked into the faces of the members. “All my best friends have been women. Some relationships were sexual, and others were not. None have been with men.”I twisted around to face. "But their lives are not in danger as mine was. They will not be aburden you must carry as I was. They have come offering help and youwant to treat them like the crab you collect on the beach? You didn?ttreat me that way at first!"The queen leaned forward, her lips brushing Henry's face. "You arecorrect. It would not be a proper use of our hospitality. But does thatmean I cannot collect this one's seed?" That you can do according to what they have told me." He motionedtoward the tense group of.

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