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" Well, so would I."Lenny sat on the floor and removed his shoes and socks, then stood up to unfasten his pants and push them and his underwear to the...floor so he could step out of the garments and kick them away. His cock was hard too but his erection was nothing compared to what would soon be plowing in and out of his ass. Naked, he stepped over to the dresser and removed a super king sized condom and a plastic squeeze bottle of lubricant which he handed to Tom. With those details taken care. Fir maine apna lund uski chut pr rakha aur bas touch karta aur hata leta.. usko toda cher rha tha.. wo gusse me boli “kutte jaldi chod de mejhe warna maar dhalungi tujhe”.Fir maine uski chut pr lund rakha aur dhakka lagane laga wo virgin nai thi but chut tight thi todi.. lekin 2 3 dhakka marne pr lund ander chala gya aur wo chik uthi.. uska muh band karne k liye maine lip lock kr liye aur dhakka marne laga 5 min baad wo toda shant hui aur kamar utha utha k mera lund lene lagi… wo chilla rahi. Jadio boudir hathe novel ta chilo kintu boudir nazar ta chilo amar bara tar dike. Eto khone amar bara ta khara hoye giyechilo aar amar bara ta ekhon praye 8” lamba aar 4” mota hoye giyechilo. Bara tar neeche kashir peyara moton duto bichee jhulchilo. Amar bara ta dekhte dekhte boudir mapale gham dekha dilo. Amar bara dekhte dekhte boudir hath ta guuder opor chole elo aar guud ta ke boudi sareer opor theke ragrate thaklo. Ami mon khule boudi ke nijer barar darshan koralam. Jei ami chair theke. I tried to swallow, in fact, did swallow some, but not enough. God knows what would have happened if Linda hadn’t acted and pulled him from between my lips. I must have coughed continuously as Vic slammed his meat into me. Finally, I felt him coming in me, and a moment later, he rolled off. I reached for the blindfold, but one of them stopped me. ‘I want you to eat me out,’ Linda said. Still coughing, but feeling infinitely better, I motioned for her to sit on my face, wanting to get it over.

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