Personality matrix. Warning, all A.I. functions shutting down to re-boot.” Came Tempro’s voice.Kimison shook his head who knew that the same progr...m from Celeste would work here. He only had a few minutes at most as he started to rapidly type more complex functions on the screen. Finally finished, he donned the head set, then hit the activation button.It wasn’t an alarm, Tempro nor anything tangible that caused Rayburn to jerk awake. It was a feeling of incredible pain in his head. He almost. .so.....good." I splutter out after I regain coherence. She's just sitting there with a serene smile and a wet face."You're fun, and taste even better when you're coming. Very, very nice, but those other lips look neglected, let me see what I can do."We start kissing again, and while I want to taste her, she doesn't rush me, she's into cuddling, which I really enjoy, post orgasm. So we snuggle and kiss for about fifteen minutes, but then I can't wait, I want her, so I push her onto her back,. I looked at Blake as he struggled to speak. "Michael... you have to go. Save Lorraine." He was a coward two minutes ago. Now he's grown granite balls. "Come on Blake, you're coming with us." I have to try and do something for this kid.We got outside, Blake nearly falling off the sidewalk. "What happened?" Erin asked in horror. She could see his blood from the rear Jeep lights. "I got bit. You guys go. I'm... done... I can feel it..." I didn't know what to do, or say. He was right, of course. He. I look over didn't see Mary and Joann, i turn ask Dawn ,she said " that come by and told her that they where heading to hotel to Joann's room and did want to bother me and Kelly". I said " I going to go look for her, are u going to come?" Dawn says " in a bit, we are have fun right now". I say "ok, I will go". So tell Kelly, we need to find Joann and Mary, she say"ok". We get dress and head to the hotel. Kelly and I head to the hotel as we are walking she holding on to me as i have hand in.

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