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I couldn’t see his face as he was sitting on the edge of the bed facing her. I was pretty sure he wasn’t dad.Oh no! Was she having an affair? I st...pped my mind from thinking further and continued peeping. I could hear their speech feebly.Man: Tabassum, kya aj bhi periods mein hai? Kal ke tarah? ( Do you have periods today, also like yesterday?)Ammi: Nahi, kal ruk gaye aj aram hai. (No, they have stopped.)Ammi had her hands in that man’s hands. He turned sideways to look at the time, then I. In fact they were at a motel.Mike took her arm lightly and said, “Right this way, Ma’am.” as he guided her to the first floor room and, knocked on the door. Scott opened the door and greeted Angel with a big smile and took her into his arms for a big hug. Thanking Mike he closed the door while he continued to hug Angel and asked her how was her trip.Then Angel saw her. One of the other women, here to claim her Master, just as she was here to claim a Master. There she stood. Totally nude. . Needless to say I started getting hard, watching her dance along the pool. I managed to take a few secret pictures of her as I rub the outside of my swimming trunks. I’m a happily married man with k**s but the thought of how much I would love to fuck her I was running through my mind. Just bend her over and fuck the shit out of her. My dick was getting hard as i imagined it shoved between her lips into her mouth. The fantasy was broken up when reality hit, a black man moved in & took a seat in. "Hmm...I'm not hungry, but I think I'll have some brandy. Are you hungry?" Yeah..." Seth smiled and slid his hand up her leg and nestled it between her thighs. He gestured to the waiter."Hi...can I get you something?" the waiter said as he eyed Elisabeth, trying to steal a glance at her breasts. Elisabeth didn't even have to try to arouse men's interest. Her sensuality was almost palpable to anyone near her. She wasn't "drop-dead gorgeous", but what made her attractive was that her eyes hinted.

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