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What’s up?”“Well, we’ve got extended family with us for New Year’s Eve and they’re all really into drumming,” I said. “If you don’t ...ave plans for tonight, I’d like to invite you over. You were really great on the congas.”“Oh. Thanks. I’ve uh ... It sounds like fun, but ... I’ve got a date.”“If you’ve already got plans, no big deal. Or you’re welcome to bring her ... er ... him? ... along.”“Her,” Justin said firmly. “Well, we weren’t going to do anything special, but just hang out. Mind if I. I started lusting for her a year ago before the incidence (which happened on April 16). Then it all started on an ethnic day in our college and I went to pick Riya at her place. She was getting ready. She called me inside her room and saidRiya- Vaibhav, can you tie my blouse, please?Me- ya sure (that white milky back omg)I kept my hand on her back first and tied the knot of the blouse and her ass was bulging out and I had an instant boner at that time. I went out of the room.This was the first. As you stare at her breasts, she reaches down and cups each one with a hand and alternatingly lift each tit up and down several times. While you enjoy this, it catches your conscious attention again and you realize you have been staring at her boobs for an unkown amount of time. She must have noticed and now a feeling of dread sinks in as you realize it's all about to happen again. Your pervertedness is going to ruin this last chance your mom worked so hard for you to get."They're just boobs. Than bapu replied me ha bitiya aurat bra pahina garuri hey .In the lunch time I was in my room sleeping on my bed with out the bottom to let him come and wake me and look at me.I heared sound he is coming inside and removed my blanket and shocked at once and dint talk any thing for some time later he woked me up for dinner.During dinner he asked me why u removed ur bottom I was affraid to see that a shock.Than I replied I am like ur daughter why r u so affraid babpu you used to make me dress in.

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