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I learned early in life, living in very close quarters with my sisters, that I am very attracted to young girls. As the great Chech and Chong said, "I...m just crazy about that young stuff."I was traveling to the great state of Texas, Tyler to be exact, on business and stopped in to see my sister in law, Vicky. My wife had asked me to drop off some family keepsakes and, since I had to pass within a few miles of her home on the way to the job site I thought it would be OK. Actually, I was looking. Ki Jung had mentioned having made friends with a Silver Hawk. What an amazing feat that was, she thinks to herself upon seeing the bird.As the bird slowly approaches, Phong Ahn notices two things about it. One is that it is a Silver Hawk. The other is that it is wearing jesses. This only causes her more worry. There can only be one Silver Hawk wearing jesses in the First Realm. That’s Ki Jung’s bird.Stopping and holding her arm up, Phong Ahn whistles and calls to the bird. She is only slightly. I wasn’t bothered coz I was interested in her from the emotional point, although she is still my good friend. And I had my hands full with the girls in the office.But I could sense that many guys in my office had the hots for her, there is a certain sexual vibe that she has….. her smile… her slightly peeking cleavage… sleeveless salwar… her open hair. She was always well behaved and didn’t talk too much around the guys.May be that is what turned on the guys. One afternoon we were deciding about. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but what if it did? Well, then I was going to find out. Now as I said, I had met Gina only recently, being introduced to her by my old high school friend, Elizabeth, and we had first met when I had called Liz and she said she was having lunch with her two girlfriends, Katie and Gina, and that I was welcome to join them, in fact they were wanting to meet me! You see they had read some of my writing, some of it was of the erotic fiction genre, and they really.

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