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"I was still visibly bruised, but not enough to discourage him, and he made me bend over and put my hands on the floor in front of my feet, which of c...urse meant my skirt lifted up clear of my bum, and I waited shivering while he selected a cane and came over and tugged my steaming knickers down to mid thigh, then stood behind me and out to my left, and laid into me with the cane. I felt quite upset, what had I done to deserve that? Anyway after the last stroke he moved directly behind me and. Maine kaha yaar pls apna cell number to de do.fir usne mujhe apna cell no de diya me us se daily 11pm se leke 4 ya 5am tak phone pe baat karta tha. Ham dono ek dusre ko kaafi achi tarah se samajh chuke the. Ham kabhi kabhi resturant me khaana khaane jaate to kabhi theatre me movies dekhne.Fir ek din raat ko maine phone me himmat kar k us se pooch hi liya ki uske personal thoughts kya hain on besides me. Usne kaha jo tumhare hain wahi mere hain. Maine kaha pls mazaak mat karo batao na tumhe meri. Slinging his day pack over his shoulders, he strode over to where she had parked. She had her feet on the rear bumper putting her hiking boots on. ‘Morning, Geri.’ ‘Hey, Mark’ she replied, turning her head to face him, her eyes sparkling and that radiant smile beaming at him. ‘Looks like it’s going to be a great day for a hike.’ ‘It does. I checked the weather and it’s supposed to be mostly clear all day.’ Looking around the parking lot, ‘It doesn’t look like there’s that many people here. Now I knew her full name Lilith I was seeing for the first time not just looking with my eyes she had an aquillen nose the beautiful slim blood red lips and the features like the comic book Vampirella character her eye had changed again to deep red with an ebony skin tone and lastly black hair."Hello sister." A voice said."Lamia. Lamia . . sister." Lilith ran to her and hugged her sister.I stood open mouthed Lilith and Lamia were spitting images of each other while being poler opposites where.

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